Shifting and Renovating

One of the times when you should definitely hire our services is when you are shifting or renovating your house. So much of junk accumulates during this time, and much of it can be put to good use. This is where our professionals can be of help to you. Over the years, we realized that shifting a house or getting it renovated makes people throw away many old things that they do not wish to carry, or which do not suit their new surroundings. This category includes both household goods and office use items.


KABAADI WAALA deals in a wide range of goods, since we know that waste is generated in all places, be it a household or an office or a factory. In fact, we have added many articles during our decade old experience in the field, with the help of suggestions given by our esteemed registered sellers. You can even add a new category if your goods do not fit in an existing one. We have experience in shifting the following categories of goods:

  • Household electronic durables
  • Heavy and light furniture
  • Glass items (mirrors, glass top tables, etc.)
  • Books and Journals
  • Clothes and Shoes
  • Utensils (steel, glass and melamine)

This is an indicative list and you can ask us for handling junk of the rarest type. We are always ready to help you. You can also ask us for sending the refused goods to particular destination. We will do so without charging any transportation charges. Whatever we do, finally contributes to helping the lesser privileged class and the environment.