Sell Your Junk At Kabaadiwala and Get Paid

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People are all living in a world where they are becoming conscious of the nature that they are living in. They want a safe and clean environment, there is so much of junk everywhere, and people are trying their best to recycle and dump them at the right places. We all know if nature is affected, we are all affected by it. Therefore, humans are now trying hard to keep the environment safe and clean.

Also, people can no longer afford to waste their valuable earthly assets with the ever-diminishing resources and limited space. Even though people are trying, how long can they store and keep the un recycled junk? They need some solution. So at this need of the hour recycling is the best solution. Paper, bottles, plastics, metal scraps, clothes, and more can all be recycled and reused to manufacture fresh goods.

Here in India, we have rubbish collectors popularly known as “raddiwalas” or the “kabaadiwalas”. Raddi or kabadi in the local language means a waste material or rather trash. So, they collect trash, collect reusable trash items and pay the householder a nominal amount based upon the weight of goods exchanged. Later they sell it to a wholesale scrap dealer, where they goods would finally be segregated and sold to various industries for further use.

But this way the system is not being monitored or these people are not getting the right amount for what they sell as their items are not segregated. Thankfully, for the sake of the environment, we have someone to our rescue known as the who aims at streamlining the old concept of trash collection for a charge. They offer a platform for ecologically aware citizens to safely discard their waste and free space at their house and/or office and earn money at the same time.

They have a goal of trying to keep the environment clean, and that is why we have started this service. Their business model is very simple, as it is based on the concept of garbage sales. The process is easy, all the sellers need to register with them, and there will be a minimal registration fee.

So save the environment now, and finally, there is a place where you could sell all your junks and get paid! It’s one of the best way and best solution to dump all these junks as they can be recycled for good use.

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