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In today’s fast-paced materialistic world we are consuming thing at an abnormally faster rate leading to lots of wastage. Recent developments in packaging technology have enabled more and more perishable items to be packed thus increasing the scrap. It makes recycling imperative, and we must do our bit to save the environment from pollution.

In India, buying and selling of scrap had happened long before the world recycling became a buzz word. The neighborhood scrap dealer would always make rounds in his cycle on the weekends; people sold off newspapers, books and magazines, plastic bottles, glass bottles and what not.  There used to be a monthly haggle for the correct pricing and the constant bickering over the rigged weighing scale. Over the times, types of scrap have also increased, and business of waste has also prospered. Nowadays small start-ups to large conglomerates, many entrepreneurs are finding cash in the trash.  In today’s fast-paced hectic daily schedule, online scrap selling has taken the world by storm.

One can clear trash from home, support a social cause and also earn money. The scrap collector collects waste from one’s home at a pre-defined schedule. One just has to book an appointment for a day and time as per his or her convenience. On scheduled day and time, the scrap collector will confirm the appointment just in case of last minute changes and then will come over to your designated place. They carry proper identity proof and authorized Identity cards, and the companies are licensed thus eliminating one’s security concerns. The rates of items are already fixed and are displayed on the websites which ensure no haggling on the pricing is required. The scrap collector carries tamper proof portable electronic weighing scales so that one is assured of correct weights.

In the last decade, electronic scrap or e-waste have increased manifolds. One can sell old, broken iPod or cell phone to an online business that will refurbish and resell it. Metals such as copper, aluminium, steel have different values. The scrap dealers buy and sell scrap metals, and ultimately the scrap metals end up at a remelting and cast/formed into new recycled raw materials. Metals are bought and sold by weight. One don’t need to compromise with daily work schedule just to sell scrap. The scrap sold will be recycled and made ready in the form of new product to reuse.

Online scrap selling is an efficient and a cost effective solution for waste management. They are lending your hand to go green, earning money and saving time all at just one time.  One can spend short quality time with family on weekends and not roam around to discard junk

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