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Clean environment is the key to the healthy life. When we talk of clean air and safe drinking water, we should know that keeping the environment clean is also the responsibility of each one of us. There is no way with which “waste” can be avoided, but there is a serious requirement to understand the responsibility of managing the “waste”. Waste here refers to residual that is not of use to anyone, the one who is producing it and the one who is owning it or processing it.

There are various companies who have become aware of waste management and they have full processing units to deal with the waste materials of different categories such as waste from households, waste from construction site, waste from factories, waste from oil companies, waste from food processing units and restaurants, wastes from hospitals, etc. These companies have experts connected with them who understand the importance of processing waste and also, are keen to provide a healthy and clean environment in their villages, towns, cities and countries.

While we talk of dealing with waste material, there are two ways – one is to dispose off waste and not bother about it and second is to manage waste and make use of it by getting it processed wherever possible. Just with disposal of waste materials, there is widespread pollution in environment, it could be air pollution, water pollution, food pollution,etc. But, with managing waste, there is a possibility of bifurcating waste into bio-degradable and non- biodegradable waste. With such classification, the initiation of managing waste materials can be done. These waste materials can further be divided into hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste. There are various companies who have made this as their prime business to manage waste so that the four Rs namely Refuse, Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle can be applied and also, people can be made aware of this very own existing problem.

India specifically has laws related to waste management of four types of waste: Municipal Waste,Bio-Medical Waste, Industrial Waste and Electronics Waste. Also, with Swachch Bharat Abhyan, there is huge pressure on Municipal Corporation and Public Health Department to maintain their areas and drive people to feel responsible for well-maintained sanitation, public health,street cleansing,food adulteration,etc.

So, you need to wake up starting from your home and office itself to improve waste storage, disposal and management.

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