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The environment is at stake. Have you ever thought about things that are hampering our environment? What are the initiative you have taken to save the environment? You must be thinking where to start and how to help the environment right? We all can start by disposing off our garbage at the right place. There is too much junk everywhere and it is  time we dispose them at the right place where they can be recycled for good and betterment of the world.

There are a lot of companies which are engaged in offering waste disposal services wherein they offer dumpsters and a team to offering removal service. One such place where you can dispose off your junk is at Kabaadiwala.com

It is a novel initiative aimed at streamlining the old concept of trash collection for a charge. Kabaadiwala.com offers a platform for ecologically awareness for citizens to safely discard their waste and free space at their house and/or office and earn money at the same time.

At Kaabadiwaala, you can give them your kaabaadi and you get buyers, wherein they are helping you get rid of your junks, save the environment and get best value for your junk!

Their goal is trying to keep the environment clean, monitor and run down the thrash in a segregated manner. As several items are degraded beyond use it causing a loss to the trash collector and Kabaadiwaala is trying to cut all the loopholes.

Therefore if you possess any thrash, scraps or anything you don’t need in or around your home dispose of these junks. It maybe a waste for you but they can be recycled and save the environment from being polluted. Kabaadiwaala are trying to help save the environment and ensure that goods that still have some life can be salvaged for more useful needs.

The concept of Kabaadiwaala is unique and work in two ways. They act as a platform for buyers and sellers. They also play a role of repairing agents,  assess the condition of the goods and sell them accordingly. The goods are then sold on a bidding procedure and the highest bidder get the goods.

KABAADI WAALA charges a minimal registration fee, which is the first point of revenue generation. The payment can be made online through bank transfer or credit cards or via cash on delivery. Once they find a suitable buyer for the product and the same is sold, then they  pay the rest of the money due to the seller after deducting our charges.

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