How We Work

The concept of KABAADI WAALA is a unique one and works in two ways. Firstly, we bring buyers and sellers on a common platform. It is often seen that though people may want to get rid of their old goods, they still leave the stuff lying around their house, just because they do not find the right taker for it. Thus, the goods just depreciate and are finally turned useless. By being a link between those who wish to sell the rejected goods and those who want to buy the same, we make sure that a good deal is struck.

Secondly, we also play the role of repairing agents. We assess the condition of the goods, and the damage that has been done through depreciation, accident, shifting or other causes. When we take the goods from registered sellers, we pay them a token money, according to the condition of the goods sold. Then, we make an estimate of the cost that repair would take, and outsource the job to trusted partners. Since we have collaboration with repairing agencies, we get lucrative deals based on bulk jobs.

After the goods are repaired, we check them to ensure that they are in proper working condition. Then we put them up on our site for sale and coordinate with the interested buyers. The highest bidder wins and the goods are dispatched for delivery. The payment can be made online through bank transfer or credit cards or via cash on delivery. Once we find a suitable buyer for the product and the same is sold, then we pay the rest of the money due to the seller after deducting our charges.

Last, but not the least, we make your surroundings spacious. Well, we are not into real estate; but, when all those junks are gone from your premises, then you are sure to have a more spacious home, office or factory. The best part is that we don’t just have a doorstep delivery system; we also have the same for collection. So, just call us and we will collect the goods from your home or office.

You would have looked through the way we work, and no doubt you would have thought that this service is a unique one. You are right. But at the same time the processes we follow are also quite simple. So you will not have any trouble when you engage us.