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Kabaadiwaala – Dispose Off Your Junk

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The environment is at stake. Have you ever thought about things that are hampering our environment? What are the initiative you have taken to save the environment? You must be thinking where to start and how to help the environment right? We all can start by disposing off our garbage at the right place. There is too much junk everywhere and it is  time we dispose them at the right place where they can be recycled for good and betterment of the world. There are a lot of companies which are...

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Best Steps to Selling Your Scrap Online

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Finding some good scraps that can make you money at the scale is one of the most exciting parts of scrapping. Besides making money, discovering what one trash can be worth is a very motivating part of recycling scrap metal. If you are planning to make some real money from items that you find in trash, selling your scrap online could be the best option for you. With the New Year already coming, making the goal to make more money through scrapping is a great New Year’s resolution. Most of the...

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Sell your household scrap online

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In today’s fast-paced materialistic world we are consuming thing at an abnormally faster rate leading to lots of wastage. Recent developments in packaging technology have enabled more and more perishable items to be packed thus increasing the scrap. It makes recycling imperative, and we must do our bit to save the environment from pollution. In India, buying and selling of scrap had happened long before the world recycling became a buzz word. The neighborhood scrap dealer would always...

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The Concerns That A Junk Management Company Faces Regularly

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There are several junk dealers across India. However, even the best of them face challenges and concerns such as the need to manage the junk items properly and without hassles. Both residential as well as commercial junk needs to be managed such that they are disposed of completely and without a trace. Here is a rundown of some of the challenges and concerns that junk disposal companies face in India on a regular basis. Environmental concerns Did you know that the junk dealers of India are the...

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Signs That A Junk Removal Company Is Good

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A good junk removal company should be an organization that offers full service such as the removal of both single items as well as multiple items. Companies can range from a single individual with a truck to a major company that has its own branches or franchisees. However, you should realize that not all companies are created equal. Here are some signs that you have approached a good junk removal company. Quick removal One of the signs of a good junk removal company is that they would pick up...

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Plastic Junk Management – a Gift to Environment

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The majority of household wastes, industrial wastes and corporate wastes consist of plastic and its products. Plastics are composed of Poly-ethylene which has always been perilous for the environment. Being un-biodegradable, plastic grounds both soil and water pollution. Dumping of these polyethylene products has always been a quandary for environmentalists. Thus plastic junk management is attested as a boon in keeping the environment pollution free. Introduction of Organic plastics- Government...

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