With the ever-diminishing resources and limited space, we can no longer afford to waste our valuable earthly assets. Recycling is the need of the hour. Paper, bottles, plastics, metal scraps, clothes, and more can all be recycled and reused to manufacture fresh goods.

India has had an amazing environmentally aware culture in form of “raddiwalas” or the “kabaadiwalas”. Raddi or kabadi in the local language means waste material or rather trash, Traditionally, a kabadiwala -a person who collects trash, collect reusable trash items and pay the householder a nominal amount based upon the weight of goods exchanged. He would later sell it to a wholesale scrape dealer, where the goods would finally be segregated and sold to various industries for further use.

However, being unmonitored and unstandardized, this system has several loopholes. Firstly, the rate at which the kabadiwala would buy the goods from the households was almost entirely on his discretion. Due to the lack of resources, most of the trash is collected in run down gunny bags without any segregation. As a result, several items are degraded beyond use, causing financial loss to the trash collector and negating the whole purpose of selling goods to a kabadiwala.

The Kabaadiwala.com is a novel initiative aimed at streamlining the old concept of trash collection for a charge. We at kabaadiwala.com offer a platform for ecologically aware citizens to safely discard their waste and free space at their house and/or office and earn money at the same time. Just write in to us and we will collect your trash, refurbish them, and sell them to the right buyers.

We have a goal of trying to keep the environment clean, and that is why we have started this service. We also want to spread the message that not everything needs to be wasted and thrown away. There is much good that scrap can be put to and our professionals can help you with the right information. Do browse through our site to understand our concept better.